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      Node SDK

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        Buckaroo is the the Payment Service Provider for all your online payments with more than 15,000 companies relying on Buckaroo's platform to securely process their payments, subscriptions and unpaid invoices.

        Buckaroo developed their own Node SDK.

        The SDK is a modern, open-source Node.js library that makes it easy to integrate your Javascript application with Buckaroo's services.

        Start accepting payments today with Buckaroo.

        NODE SDK


        • A Buckaroo account (Dutch or English)
        • Node.js 6.14.× or higher

        GitHub repository

        Click here to view the Node SDK on the Buckaroo Github repository.


        npm install @buckaroo/buckaroo_sdk


        Initiate the buckaroo client with your website key and secret key.
        These keys can be obtained from your Buckaroo account.

        import Buckaroo from '@buckaroo/buckaroo_sdk';
        const buckarooClient = Buckaroo.InitializeClient(
                secretKey: 'KEY',
                websiteKey: 'SECRET',
                mode: 'TEST', // OR 'LIVE'
                currency: 'EUR',
                returnURL: 'RETURN_URL',
                pushURL: 'PUSH_URL',

        Create a payment with all the available payment methods. In this example, we show how to create a credit card payment. Each payment has a slightly different payload.

        const payment = await buckarooClient
                amountDebit: 100,

        After you create a transaction, you can retrieve several transaction information on demand.

        const transaction = buckarooClient.transaction(payment.getTransactionKey());
        await transaction.status(); // Retrieve transaction status
        await transaction.refundInfo(); // Retrieve refund info
        await transaction.cancelInfo(); // Retrieve cancellation info

        Regarding usage outside of Node.js

        This library is written in JavaScript, a versatile programming language with broad applicability.

        While it's technically possible to integrate this library into a website or mobile application, it's strongly advised against doing so.

        In the standard configuration, you make requests to the Buckaroo API using one of our provided libraries, typically from your server (such as a Node.js server).

        Your secret key is securely stored on this server, inaccessible to external entities.

        However, if you incorporate this library directly into a website or app, your secret key will be exposed to users.

        This could enable users to take actions on your behalf using that key.


        We really appreciate it when developers contribute to improve the Buckaroo plugins.
        If you want to contribute as well, then please follow our Contribution Guidelines.


        • MAJOR: Breaking changes that require additional testing/caution
        • MINOR: Changes that should not have a big impact
        • PATCHES: Bug and hotfixes only