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        iDIN is a service from the Dutch banks that allows consumers to identify themselves. iDIN allows consumers to use the same account across multiple platforms, greatly reducing the number of accounts they have to create and remember.

        iDIN offers 3 services:

        Full identification- This returns all information registered at the bank

        Age verification - This returns if the consumer is 18+ years old

        Login - This returns a unique username for that consumer

        Servicecode and actions

        The service code for iDIN is 'idin'

        There are 3 actions available:

        For full identification, use the action "identify"

        For age verification, use the action "verify"

        For login, use the action "login"


        There is a sandbox API for iDIN. In order to create a test iDIN request, you need to use the issuer "BANKNL2Y" instead of the actual bank

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