Buckaroo invoice

      Buckaroo invoice

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        Transaction costs

        The fees Buckaroo charges for those services they prepay are often kept from the merchant's balance. By default, transaction fees are designed at 23:59:59 of the day transaction fees go into effect. These also affect the balance of that day. The balance is used for payment to the merchant.

        Of course we want to prevent a problem with the payment. Therefore, it may happen that the transaction costs are not incurred on the previous day. In this case, the transaction costs will be incurred on a later day. This means that there is a possibility that there will be multiple Transaction costs (N901) -transactions on the same day. The description of the transaction always states which day the transaction costs relate to.


        Every month an invoice is sent by Buckaro to the Merchants. These will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the merchant in advance. These invoices can also be viewed and downloaded in the Buckaroo Plaza at the location Financial > Buckaroo invoices. These are available to the users with the appropriate rights.

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