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        Handling gift cards is a process in which it is possible to make (partial) payments part of the total payment. The picture below is a simplified version of how the processing of these cards can take place. Important is the distinction that can be made between open-loop and closed-loop gift cards.

        Open loop : card that is sold by different issuing points and can be used to make purchases at different Merchants / Retailers. In this case, the flow of money can go from one entity to another.
        Closed loop : card issued by the same merchant as the one who also accepts this card. The cash flow remains within the same entity.


        Paying with and testing Gift Cards

        Because paying with Gift Cards is an exception where the transaction can be paid in parts, it is good to test this extensively. The test data for this is on its own page. Then search for Gift Cards.

        Statuses of Gift Cards

        Status messageExplanation
        Authorization ErrorCard could not be authorized
        Card does not existCard number is non existing
        Invalid RetailerIncorrect retailer supplied
        PIN invalidIncorrect PIN entry
        Card not activeCard is not activated
        Card expiredCard has expired
        Insufficient fundsInsufficient funds on the card

        Rules for issuing and accepting gift cards

        The implementation of the new anti-money laundering guidelines has changed the rules for issuing and accepting so-called open-loop gift cards. Open-loop gift cards are the gift cards that can be issued at multiple merchants. Consider, for example, the dutch VVV voucher card. The value of a gift card is stored electronically. This payment method is therefore characterized as electronic money. It is possible to use illegally obtained funds to purchase gift cards. Purchases are then made with these cards or are redeemed in another way. As a result, the funds return to regular property or payment transactions. The conditions below only apply to open-loop tickets. These new laws and regulations do not apply to closed-loop, such as your own gift card via GivaCard or retailer-specific cards. Gift cards that are for a limited group or category, such as the dutch "Nationale Bioscoop Bon", are also exempt from the limits.

        Restrictions on the gift cards

        • The maximum value of a gift card may be €150. Previously, this maximum was €250
        • A KYC obligation applies to a payer with a gift card with a value of more than € 50. For that reason, a maximum of €50 can be withdrawn from the gift card for a (part) payment
        • It is allowed to purchase a card up to €150 online without requiring a KYC procedure
        • It is possible to redeem multiple open-loop gift cards up to a value of €50. Above this value, the payment can be supplemented with a closed-loop gift card. Of course, the remaining amount can also be paid with another payment method

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