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      Blik Redirect

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        • Over 90% of Polish banking customers have access to BLIK through mobile banking applications.
        • In 2023, approximately 16 million people actively used BLIK in Poland, representing a 22% increase from the previous year.
        • Over 4.5 million Poles use BLIK for transactions.
        • BLIK fully integrated into e-commerce.


        • Transactions and Payouts only in PLN
        • Extra layer of security by requiring users to authenticate payments through their mobile banking apps using BLIK codes.
        • Minimum Transaction amount: 0,01 PLN
        • Maximum Transaction amount: 50.000 PLN
        • Available actions: Pay, Refund and Chargebacks

        Transaction Flow:

        1. On the merchant's website, the consumer chooses BLIK as the payment method.
        2. The consumer is redirected to BLIK's hosted payment page.
        3. The consumer launches their bank app on their mobile device. When the bank app launches, it displays a six-digit BLIK payment code. This code is valid for two minutes.
        4. The consumer enters the six-digit code into the field on BLIK's hosted payment page. When the code is accepted, the consumer is returned to the merchant's website.
        5. The consumer uses the bank app on their mobile device to confirm the payment. Once the six-digit code is entered and the transaction confirmed on the consumer's bank app, the payment is made and re-directed to Merchants website.

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