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        A consumer starts a transaction. The merchant can choose if he/she wants to redirect the consumer to the Buckaroo checkout page or he/she will ask the required fields so that the consumer can stay on the merchants’ website. The required information will be sent to Buckaroo and Buckaroo checks the balance on the Buckaroovoucher. Buckaroo will check if the total amount that should be paid by the consumer is paid. A push will be sent to the merchant, it doesn’t matter if the total amount is paid. Also with a partial payment a push will be sent to the merchant. If it was a partial payment, a group transaction will be made in the Buckaroo Payment Engine. The customer will be able to pay the remaining amount. For every partial payment a push is also sent to the merchant.

        Servicecodes and actions

        The Buckaroo Voucher service uses the service code: buckaroovoucher

        The Buckaroo Voucher service supports the following actions: Pay, Refund, GetBalance, CreateApplication

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