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        Currently Pay By Bank is only available for:

        • The Hosted Payment Page
        • PHP SDK
        • Node SDK
        • Magento 2
        • WooCommerce

        Please note that for the Hosted Payment Page, the Bank logos will be automatically displayed correctly. For the other set-ups please make sure to use the Bank logo's as stored on GitHub. Accessible via the following link: Bank Logos Github
        It is highly recommended to follow this instruction in order to achieve the highest conversion rate.

        The following Plugins & apps will follow soon:

        • Shopware 6
        • PrestaShop (in our refactored version of the plugin)
        • Lightspeed
        • CCV Shop
        • BigCommerce

        Customer Journey

        1. The consumer selects their thrusted banklogo of the Bank they would like to pay with
        2. The consumer uses smartphone or desktop to login into their Banking application to scan a QR code
        3. Consumer selects account and authorizes the payment
        4. After successful payment the consumer will receive a confirmation and redirected to the webshop

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