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        A couple of Banks in Belgium developed their own online Payment Button. The Belfius Pay Button is one of them. If a PC/Tablet user selects the Belfius-logo in the checkout, Belfius provides 2 options: Pay online with a card reader (Belfius Direct Net) or pay with the Belfius Mobile App. With the second option, the user can scan a QR code with its mobile. In every scenario, the user is redirected to its Belfius bank environment, where the payment can be executed. It is also possible to make the purchase straight from the mobile through the Belfius Mobile app. Everyone with a Belfius checking account, can use the Belfius Pay Button.

        The payment method is provided through a Collecting Model.

        • Instant confirmation of transaction
        • Works on every smartphone
        • Can be used on your own checkout
        • Less error prone because payment details are pre-filled
        • Supports (partial) refunds via Buckaroo
        • Possible to start recurring SEPA Direct Debits based on the payment data
        • Guaranteed Payment Method
        • Contract and payout via Buckaroo (Collecting)
        • Only available for users with a Belfius checking account
        • Only possible in Euro
        • Refunds/recurring only possible after reconciliation

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