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        The transaction screen shows all relevant information with regard to a payment transaction, such as the amount, status code and, if applicable, also the customer data. In the lower-left corner of the transaction screen, you’ll find the status history of the payment transaction, arranged from bottom to top. The status at the top is the last-known status of the transaction.

        The following overview contains all possible statuses / status codes / statuscodes:

        190 (successful)Succes: The transaction was successful and the payment has been received/approved.DefinitiveYes
        490 (failed)Failed: The transaction has failed.Definitive**No
        491 (failed)Validation failed: The transaction request contains errors and therefore could not be processed properly.Definitive**No
        492 (failed)Technical error: The transaction could not be completed due to a technical error.Definitive**No
        690 (failed)Rejected: The transaction has been rejected by the (third-party) payment provider.Definitive**No
        790 (pending)Pending input: The transaction is put on hold while the payment engine is waiting for the consumer’s input.Temporary*No
        791 (pending)Pending processing: The transaction is being processed. The reason is often that the consumer still has to return from a third-party website before being able to complete the transaction.Temporary*No
        792 (pending)Pending consumer: The consumer still has to take action, for example in case of a Transfer: transfer money manually from his banking environment.Temporary*No
        793 (on hold)The transaction is put on hold.Temporary*No
        890 (cancelled)Cancelled by User: The client has cancelled the transaction.Definitive**No
        891 (cancelled)Cancelled by the Merchant: The Merchant has cancelled the transaction.Definitive**No

        *Temporary means that this is not the final status. The transaction has not reached its final status yet. This status should therefore be regarded as an intermediary status.
        **Semi-definitive means this is the final status in most cases. In some cases, the customer can initiate multiple interactions with the acquirer on the same payment request. In that case, the 490 status (failed/not paid) can be followed by a 190 status (successfully paid).

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