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        By default, Merchants are paid out once a week on Wednesdays. Multiple payout moments are however possible on request. You can find the payout specification in the Buckaroo Plaza. Go to Financial > Payouts.

        It is possible to get paid specific days of the week.

        • Select the "Weekly" button
        • Select one or more days
        • Check all days if you want to pay out daily

        Then click on the "Save" button.

        In addition, it is possible to get paid on specific days of the month (1st to 31st).

        • Select the "Monthly" button and tick one or more days
        • Then click on the "Save" button

        Both options are shown in the screenshots below.

        Weekly payout interval

        Buckaroo - Accounts

        Monthly payout interval

        Buckaroo - Accounts 1

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