In3 (V3) / iDEAL in3

      In3 (V3) / iDEAL in3

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        Customers prefer to choose how they pay. Therefore iDEAL In3 is a must in your payment mix. With iDEAL In3, customers pay easily in three clear installments without interest. Ideal for products that are a bit more expensive, such as electronics, furniture, sport articles or bikes and scooters. Consumers can complete the purchase within three rounds of salary payments.

        iDEAL In3 will boost your webstore’s conversion rate and increases the average order value of the customer’s shopping cart. As a webshop, you do not have to prefinance anything and get 100% payment guarantee.

        How does iDEAL In3 work?

        After the customer has chosen iDEAL In3 during checkout, the system carries out an ultrafast data check. Once accepted, the customer pays the first installment directly, the second installment within 30 days and the third installment within 60 days.

        • Direct online approvement
        • Guaranteed payment within 15 days
        • Increases average order value
        • From € 50 to € 5.000

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