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        Each credit card has its own subscription. This means that there are multiple services supporting credit card payment, one for each type of credit card. However, since all these credit cards work in a similar way, all of them are described together on this page. When talking about generic credit card payment details, we will use credit card to reference to this. If something is specific to a single card, the card will be named specifically.

        Using the credit card service a customer can pay using a credit card. The customer is presented with a screen in which the credit card information can be provided.

        A credit card can be mpi-enabled; in this case the customer will be redirected to a URL where the customer can provide the 3D Secure info. After completing this, the payment will proceed. After finishing the payment, the customer will be redirected back to the web site of the merchant.

        The merchant starts by sending the request for a credit card payment to a BPE transaction gateway. The gateway processes the request and sends a response to the merchant. The response will contain a redirect URL to which the customer must be redirected. Once the customer reaches this page, he can enter his/her credit card details. After these have been entered and verified and the card is not secured with a 3D Secure code, the payment is processed immediately, and the customer will be redirected back to the merchant website, along with the result. If the card is secured with a 3D Secure code, the customer is redirected to the 3D Secure page for its specific credit card, this is an external website of the card issuer. After completing the process at this page, the customer returns to the BPE transaction gateway, and the Payment Engine will process the credit card payment, after which the customer is also redirected back to the merchant website, along with the payment result. Additionally, the Payment Engine can also perform a Transaction Push, with the status of the payment.

        For more information about 3D Secure, click here.

        Servicecodes and Actions

        The following cards are available (Card name and service code):

        Credit cards

        • MasterCard: mastercard
        • Visa: visa
        • American Express: amex

        Debit cards

        • VPay: vpay
        • Maestro: maestro
        • Visa Electron: visaelectron
        • Carte Bleue: cartebleuevisa
        • Carte Bancaire: cartebancaire
        • Dankort: dankort
        • Nexi: nexi

        Prepaid cards

        • Postepay: postepay

        Below are the available actions. All of them can be send with channel 'Web', with one exception: if the creditcard acquirer is Worldline then you should use channel 'Backoffice' for the action "Capture'.

        • Pay: Lets the customer perform the initial payment.
        • PayRecurrent: Lets the merchant perform a repeated payment on the initial payment.
        • Refund: Performs a refund on an earlier credit card payment.
        • Authorize: Makes a reservation on a credit card, so that at a later moment the actual capture can be made without user interaction.
        • Capture: Performs a payment, using an earlier Authorize.

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