Former Sisow Plugins

Former Sisow Plugins

Buckaroo also has a number of other legacy plugins which originally where build for Sisow (which is a payment service provider that Buckaroo has acquired in the past). These plugins do not receive updates in terms of new functionalities, but only support for new versions of the plugin platform.

Some of these legacy plugins are also available in a new version developed by Buckaroo with more functionalities.
It is possible to replace your existing Sisow plugin with the Buckaroo plugin you find on this page. Simply install the Buckaroo plugin and configure accordingly. Next step is to delete the Sisow plugin.

Platform Plugin version Download Manual
magento.jpg Magento (2.X - 2.4.X) Version 5.4.14 Download PDF manual (Dutch)
magento.jpg Magento (1.6x - 1.9x) Version 5.5.2 Download PDF manual (Dutch)
woocommerce WooCommerce Version 5.5.3 Download PDF manual (Dutch)
shopware Shopware 6 Version 1.0.2 Download Not available, Buckaroo Shopware 6 documentation availabe
shopware Shopware 5 Version 5.3.1 Download Not available, Buckaroo Shopware 5 documentation available
prestashop Prestashop 1.7 Version 5.4.2 Download PDF manual (Dutch)
prestashop Prestashop 1.6 Version 5.4.3 Download Not available, contact support for this plugin

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