Beginners guide

      Beginners guide

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        Welcome to Buckaroo! This guide will help you to get started with Buckaroo's services. After the registration process you can now connect to the Buckaroo platform.

        Technical connection

        There are multiple options to connect your webshop or IT system with Buckaroo. Most common and fastest way to connect is via one of our plugins.

        Connect via a plugin

        In the menu on the left side of this page you will see a plugin section. Go to your plugin and open the installation page. First you install the plugin and then you configure it according to the configuration page. Now you are able to perform transactions.

        Usefull articles that will help you with the configuration:
        Connection with Buckaroo

        Connect via the API

        Buckaroo offers a JSON API that you can use to connect your webshop or IT system.

        Useful articles that will help you with the configuration:
        API docs

        Best practices

        - Style your checkout

        Some payment methods (such as giftcards / creditcards) use the Buckaroo Smart Checkout. You can configure the styling under Settings > Payment Page Display Configuration

        You can find more details in the following guide: Smart Checkout Styling

        - Do a test transaction

        Learn how to perform a test transaction on the following page: Test transactions

        - Select payout days

        You can select your preferred payout days. An explanation can be found on this page: Payout

        - Discover the Buckaroo Plaza

        In the category Buckaroo Plaza you can read about all the options the Buckaroo Plaza has to offer. The subjects match the menu items within the Buckaroo Plaza.

        - Activate PayPal

        Before you can accept PayPal on your webshop you will need to onboard your PayPal Business account. More information can be found here: PayPal Onboarding

        Support channels

        If you need any assistance you can find our phone numbers in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza in the bottom left under "Contact details"

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