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        A Buckaroo account is required to do test or live transactions with the Buckaroo app for Lightspeed.
        Below you can find the configuration steps:

        1. Go to → in your internet browser (or click on the link).
        2. Login with the credentials that you've used when installing the Buckaroo App in your Lightspeed backend.

        Please note: The login credentials of the Buckaroo app doesn't have to be the same as the Buckaroo Plaza login credentials. So you might have chosen for different login credentials.

        1. Then go to the → Settings page in the top menu. Here you'll see the required which are explained in the next steps.

        2. Buckaroo Application → Configure this as Enabled to make the Buckaroo app active.

        3. Your Buckaroo website key → Fill in your Buckaroo website key.
          The (Website) Key can be retrieved in the Buckaroo Plaza under → SettingsWebsites.

          Please make sure that the correct website is selected by the Filters settings on the right.
          This because every website in your account has a separate key.

        4. Your Buckaroo secret key → Fill in your Buckaroo secret key.

          The Secret Key can be retrieved in the Buckaroo Plaza at→ SettingsSecret Key.

        5. Shop logo → Fill in a URL of your webshop logo.

          If you have a logo on your Lightspeed webshop, then you can click on it with your right mouse button and copy the URL of the image.
          This must be a direct link to the image which you can use in our plugin for the shop logo. This logo will be used on redirect pages if needed.

        6. Refunds → You can enable or disable the refunds functionality.

          When the refunds functionality is enabled, this will automatically refund the money from Buckaroo to the customer when a credit note is created in your Lightspeed backend.
          If this is disabled, then you'll have to manually pay back the amount from the Buckaroo transaction overview.

        7. Refund label → You can fill in a refund label here.

          This is the description of refunds that will be used. Consumers will see this description on their bank account as well.
          We advise to use your website name as refund label. Consumers will then easily recognize the refunds.

        8. Cancel expired period → The cancel expired period ensures that open orders are cleared after the previous period.

          Buckaroo does this to keep the systems as clean as possible and therefore fast. Only orders that run through Buckaroo will be set to canceled if not paid, canceled or rejected by this function.

          Please note: Payment methods such as Bank Transfer and Sofort are excluded from this because the processing time can be longer for these payment methods.

        9. Custom icons → With this setting you can use custom icons, which is a more advanced configuration setting.

          We advise to keep this on Disabled, unless you are familiar with the Custom Head Code.

        Plugin settings walktrough:


        Please contact Buckaroo support if you have any technical questions.  

        Our telephone number and contact details of other departments can be found in the Buckaroo Payment Plaza under "Contact details" at the bottom left of the screen.

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